Friday, June 4, 2010

Tooth fairy vs Shunk fairy

My wisdom tooth is growing which caused my right side to swell and hurts at a constant rate. Today I went to the Dental emergency at U PENN Dental Clinic, long story short, I am in pain and will have to wait till 23rd for tooth extraction. End result i lost friday and I am still in pain.

The Shunk Arm arrived on Thursday, but it didn't have the cable in, so me and Rolf tried to get it work it out, using the manual and the Windows software that came with it, we ended up staying till 8:30 pm, but at least we got it to recognize the correct ids, but still didn't make it work.
I got a message from Rolf, he got the arm working, I suspect it was something in the wiring.

I had problems with compiling Andreas Nuechter's SLAM6D, and after installing all libraries in the README and some others I wrote him an email. It turned out that I found a bug, a quick fix was to comment most modules from the Makefile.options, till they fix it. He updated the SVN and got the new source, this time I managed to compile most stuff, but there are still modules that do not compile.

i commented
-PMD camera options
-SIFT based registration

Since we have all robot parts, it is design time. I will explain the design in a later post, for now enjoy the robot pics above.

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